Online Learning Trends

In the digital age, there are now more opportunities than ever to develop new skills and polish up old ones. In this article, we’ll discuss some popular methods that learners of all ages are using to grow their skill sets online.

Online University Courses

Nowadays most colleges offer online classes in tandem with in-class learning for students enrolled in regular semesters. This flexibility allows students to manage their busy school and work schedules with ease. Much like in-class lectures, their online counterparts expect students to be equally engaged in class discussions. Online forums are commonplace in most online classes and students are required to engage with their peers several times a week using the virtual communication tool.

online learning trends

Full Online Degree

Over the past couple of decades, online learning has reached new highs. Now more than ever it’s easy for people to afford both the time and cost of pursuing higher education. This has opened up new doors for parents and blue-collar workers. Students can continue working their day jobs while attending college online in the evenings or on the weekends.

Online Paid Certificates

Other forms of online learning include shorter, more intense immersion classes. A couple of examples of these include the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certificate in Supply Chain & Operations Management (CISCOM). These specific certificates cost anywhere from $500 to $1600 USD. The addition of credentials such as these to a person’s cv can substantially increase their salaries and career trajectory. 

online learning trends

Online Free Certificates

Digital heavy hitters such as HubSpot and Google have their own online learning “academies”. Both platforms offer courses complete with study guides, slides, videos, and comprehensive exams. Additionally, both platforms provide certificates that can be easily added to LinkedIn profiles to boost credibility. 

Within the HubSpot Academy, there are hundreds of courses as well as dozens of certificates available free of charge. Certificates such as Email Marketing, Social Media, and Content Marketing are all in high demand among lead generation and marketing departments alike. Additionally, the CRM giant is constantly adding new and relevant content for those looking to keep their skill sets sharp and stay on top of their game.

Google’s certificates are essential for any digital marketer using Google Ads. The certificates “Google Fundamentals” and “Display” will guide you through all you need to know to attract quality leads and increase sales via catchy landing pages and SEO.

online learning trends

Educational Games 

Educational technology is a relatively new phenomenon, but it has been gaining traction fast! Industries such as k-12 schools, universities, governments, and corporations have begun to introduce game learning into their curriculum and learning/training material.

The company, Game Learn, is helping corporations around the world develop their organization’s soft skills through the use of learning simulators. Workplaces are engaged through interactive games that improve vital skill sets such as communication and time management. 

For university students, companies such as Processim Labs are helping young professionals advance their analytical and decision-making skills through game learning. In the company’s Operation Management game, Medica Scientific, students are presented with a company in an unstable state and must use their critical thinking skills to improve the company’s financial status.

The role of education technology has become a critical force in helping learners of all ages grow and develop their skill sets so that they can be competitive and stand out in the workplace.

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