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Medica Scientific

Medica Scientific® simulates a medical devices manufacturing company with two independent production lines.

During the time the simulation is running, the user will make decisions that will affect the performance of the company and compete with other users based on their results. Decisions like: buy/sell machinery, hire/fire employees, change reorder points and quantity, manage the company’s finances, etc.

As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive a document with the business case to accompany the simulation, a teaching note with our recommendations on how to use our product as a teaching tool, a written manual and a link to a video tutorial on how to use the mobile app.



Make to Stock or Make to Order

Inventory Management

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By simulating what it’s like to be the leader of a country, this innovative app gives the player responsibility for the economic, social, and environmental spheres. Simunation turns theory into application by challenging players to balance these factors.


Students are given the power to make decisions and see the effects of their choices within moments. Instead of only relying on attendance or discussion for class participation, Simunation creates opportunities for instructors to lead students through the reality of common scenarios experienced by world leaders.